Acupuncture for Pomeranians

By on August 6, 2014

I can not talk enough about the benefits of acupuncture for your dogs and how it has benefited us for the last 12+ years. Chicky was my first Pomeranian and truly my first pet as an adult. I am guilty of “purchasing” her from a pet store stand at the flea market = ( with out very much knowledge of the breed or even being a pet owner in general). I saw a cutie, tiny puppy and I fell in LOVE.

About a year or two after we got Chicky we started to notice problems with her back legs. You could see her little twig legs giving out and just popping in general. I took her to her standard Vet at the time. They diagnosed my 2 yr old princess with luxating patellas and very narrow hips. They told us we should never attempt to breed her as it would be very difficult on her. The vet suggested some steroid shots and a lifetime supply of canine joint health supplements. Not knowing any better about Pomeranian health issues I accepted his suggestion and began treatments.

A year or so down the road I was speaking to a good friend of mine and she told me that her Bichon had ACL replacement on his knee at 2 yrs old (a result of bad breeding and genes) and that I should consider a Veterinary acupuncturist that she saw. My response was “excuse me, what?!” Ha!! She said it’s super effective and that I should give it 3-4 sessions and try it out. I was highly skeptical (as I’m sure you might be!) but we gave it a try and it turned out to be the best decision ever!

We have been seeing Dr. Philip C. Hightman for over 12+ years now. He is a Veterinary Acupuncturist, Chiropractor, and Herbal Remedies Specialist. I truly thought there was NO way Chicky is going to sit still while someone put needles in her back, but heck, it was worth a try. I will never forget the moment when Dr. Hightman grabbed Chicky’s tiny head in his hands and he said “Chicky we are going to put a few needles in your back. It’s going to feel GREAT, don’t worry you are safe”. I literally rolled my eyes in my head but held onto Chicky. One by one they went in and she didn’t flinch! I was shocked that after 30 min of having the needles in she was very calm.

Photo courtesy of @brentwoodanimalclinic

Photo courtesy of @brentwoodanimalclinic

He suggested 1-2 treatments a week for the first few weeks then we would play it by ear for maintenance. Again, pretty skeptical!!! Sure enough, 4 treatments later you could see a difference in how she walked, stood, and sat – all of it! It was pretty impressive! From then on we just saw Dr. Hightman for maintenance every 3-6 months depending on how she felt. As she has gotten older (Chicky will be 16 in December) we go more frequently due to her current arthritis but it varies from once a month to every 2-3 weeks. It is truly dependent on how she feels. She has been my fur child for longer then I have had a husband and I can definitely read when she is stiff in the back legs.

If you follow me on instagram you know that my ol’ gal isn’t slowing down even with arthritis in her hips, partial deafness and blindness; it does not stop her from dancing the night away. Check us out on IG if you don’t already follow us. There are always videos of Chicky dancing! In closing If you feel in anyway doubtful about an ailment that your fur child has been diagnosed with then PLEASE look into a holistic approach for treatment. I don’t expect you to go all crazy and do EVERYTHING holistic because that is truly unrealistic, but a lot of it is worth a shot. All of my fur children have benefited from acupuncture at one time or the other!!

Some of the Benefits of Acupuncture for your Pomeranian.

For which conditions are acupuncture treatments suggested?

Acupuncture is a suggested treatment mainly for functional problems, such as those that involve paralysis, noninfectious inflammation (such as allergies), and pain.

Here are some of the general conditions treated with acupuncture for Pomeranians and other Small Animals:
• Musculoskeletal problems, such as sore backs
• Skin problems, such as lick granuloma
• Respiratory problems, such as feline asthma
• Gastrointestinal problems, such as diarrhea
• Selected reproductive problems
• Hypertension
• Stroke
• Sprains
Here are some of the general conditions treated with acupuncture for Larger Animals:
• Musculoskeletal problems, such as sore backs
• Nervous system problems, such as facial nerve paralysis
• Skin problems, such as allergic dermatitis
• Respiratory problems, such as heaves and “bleeders”
• Gastrointestinal problems, such as non-surgical colic
• Selected reproductive disorders

In addition, regular acupuncture treatment can treat sports injuries as they occur and can help to keep muscles and tendons resistant to injury. World class professional and amateur athletes often use acupuncture as a routine part of their training. If your animals are involved in any athletic endeavor, such as racing, jumping, or showing, acupuncture can help keep them in top physical condition.