How much water should Pomeranians drink?

By on October 24, 2014
How much water should Pomeranians drink

A question that comes up pretty frequently on my Facebook page and through emails, one that I was kinda surprised about… How much water should Pomeranians drink? I was a bit surprised because I thought that a dog and specifically a Pomeranian would drink when they needed to. Well, that isn’t always the case.

On average most Pomeranians do instinctively know how much to water to drink to satisfy their needs. You may also be surprised to know that some Pomeranians don’t drink enough or actually drink too much water during the day. Which can leave them either under-hydrated or over-hydrated… both of which have their subsequent dangers.

If you are a new Pommy Mommy it is important to monitor your Pomeranian’s consumption of water. Too little can obviously cause your furry baby to become dehydrated causing various problems including kidney stones and sometimes organ failure. Drinking too much water… which sounds a little counter intuitive can actually be toxic to your little one. How much water should Pomeranians drink

How much water should Pomeranians drinkMonitoring your Pomeranian’s water intake can also tell you a lot… specifically if they may have an underlying issue.  Please do not go into an irrational second guessing game here about what diseases your Pomeranian may have. This is just a helpful guide to watch out for any change in their water consumption. Pomeranians that show signs of pancreatitis, lepto (or leptospirosis) or parvo (parvovirus) will usually limit their intake of water. On the other hand, Pomeranians that drink excessive amounts of water may be dealing with metabolic issues like… Cushing’s disease or diabetes. Infections, especially one’s involving the bladder and kidneys will also cause your Pom to drink more water than usual. If you notice your Pomeranian drinking either more or less than usual make sure you schedule a trip to your Vet just to be sure. How much water should Pomeranians drink

So, how much water should Pomeranians drink?

The amount of water your Pomeranian needs to consume depends on their size, age, diet, how much exercise they get and where you live. How much water should Pomeranians drink

I have always used the guideline that a Pomeranian drink at least 1/2 to 1 ounce of water per pound of bodyweight each day. So, my Yoki is 7lbs and drinks on average about a cup or 8 ozs of water a day. Mika is a little different because she has a heart murmur and because of her medication needs to drink a little more. She weighs 10 lbs and drinks about a pint or 16 ozs a day. Niko is 7lbs and drinks on average about a cup (8 ozs) or so a day.

How much water should Pomeranians drinkMany of us Pommy Mommies feed our furry babies a moisture rich, Pomeranian-appropriate diet such as Raw or slightly cooked. If so, your Pom may be getting some of their water needs met by their food intake and probably won’t drink as much water as you put out for them. So, please take that into consideration. If you are feeding your Pomeranian mostly dry dog food (something I really don’t recommend) you may want to add a couple of ounces to her water bowl to compensate for the lack of moisture in their food. How much water should Pomeranians drink

If you have a little Pomeranian puppy please monitor their water drinking because they need to drink smaller amounts more frequently, every 2 hours on average. Since little puppies “are” little puppies they may need a little encouragement to drink so monitor them and help them stay hydrated.

Living here in Vegas we are constantly monitoring water intake… especially after going to the park, some hard play like what Mika, Niko and Polly do or after a really good fun walk it is important to watch how your Poms come in a drink their water. Although it is important for them to get water please watch that they don’t lap up a whole bowl of water… if they look like their consuming a bunch of water pick them up and give them a rest. Too much water can cause them to vomit… and no one wants that. As any Pommy Mommy knows it’s good to bring water to any activity to give your Pomeranian short, frequent breaks to make sure they are adequately hydrated.

How do I know if my Pomeranian is adequately hydrated?

 A cool little trick that I use to determine if my Poms are getting enough water is to lift up their skin on the back of their neck . Please don’t pull a fist full of skin up… gently pull their skin up and see what happens. When your Pomeranian is adequately hydrated, the skin will fall fast and back into place very quickly… if they are not, it will fall slow and create kind of a tent on their neck. If you don’t like pulling on your furry babies skin… then it is a good idea to check their gums. If their gums are moist and have a slick sense about them, then they are hydrated. If you see that they are dry or sticky then your Pom definitely needs water. How much water should Pomeranians drink

How much water should Pomeranians drinkI know it sounds a little crazy but there is a condition called “psychogenic polydipsia” that happens when your Pomeranian wants to drink more water than they need. Most people and Vets call it “water intoxication” and can take on some weird behavior such as; staggering, loss of coordination, nausea, vomiting, bloating, lethargy, glazed over eyes, pupils that are dilated, light pigmented gums and most common is excessive salivation. Very rarely but can still happen is difficulty breathing, seizures, coma and with any overdose, death.

Before you get all crazy and start worrying about “water intoxication”… this usually only happens with Pomeranians that like the water or like playing in it. At the Pommy Mommy house, it is very rare that any of my Poms get in the water. If the hose, pool or rain come down… all the Pommy’s run in the opposite direction. I only mention this because I have seen many Pommy Mommies who have furry babies that like the water.

If your Pomeranian likes to swim in the pool, lakes or just have fun with the kids make sure you monitor their activity. Many Poms that consume too much water actually consume it through their skin and can cause a condition called hyponatatremia which is some medical term for low levels of sodium in the blood. This really only happens to Pomeranians that swim all day in a lake, pond or pool or if your furry baby loves to bite or lap up the water when their in it. How much water should Pomeranians drink

Getting back to if your Pomeranian “under drinks”. It is a good idea to praise your Pom when they drink from the water bowl… if they are not drinking put a water bowl near to where they are… like their bed. If your furry bay doesn’t seem to like water… which may sound strange but not really. I always fill all of my babies bowls up with filtered water that my husband and I drink from. Actually we had filters installed in the refrigerator and on every sink. Many Pommy Mommies don’t have that option and use tap water to hydrate their furry babies, this is not a bad thing because most municipalities have better water than most bottling companies, but some Poms are finicky and won’t drink it. How much water should Pomeranians drink

If that is the case you can add some flavors to their water like bone broth to make it a little more desirable.

On a final note… if you are feeding your furry babies dry dog food, consider switching to a canned and then to either a slightly cooked or raw diet to help increase the amount of water your Pomeranian is getting from their food intake.

How much water should Pomeranians drink

How much water should Pomeranians drink

How much water should Pomeranians drink

How much water should Pomeranians drink