How to Take Care of a Pomeranian with an Upset Tummy

By on June 15, 2012

Pomeranian with an Upset Tummy

A sick Pomeranian is never any fun.  For you or your little one. However as Mommies to our babies we have the duty of looking after and taking care of our little ones! Today I’m talking about how to take care of a Pomeranian with an upset tummy and what we as Pommy Mommies do to help our fur-babies feel better!

A Pomeranian with an Upset Tummy

The one time I would love it if my Pomeranian could talk is when they are sick. It would be awesome if they could just tell me where it hurts and what it feels like! Because Pomeranians can’t talk to us by using words, we have to learn how to read their body language. When my girls are not feeling well they are usually very sluggish and sleepy. I can tell when Maggie is sick if I ask her if she wants to go “bye bye” and she just lays in her bed. Yoki won’t move from her bed, if she’s not feeling well, and Sophia sleeps much more than usual. (If Sophia sleeps in past 8:30am I know somethings wrong! She is a ball full of energy in the mornings!)

Some other key signs that dealing with a Pomeranian with an upset tummy is a loose stool, they may be throwing up, have no appetite/not eating dog food, and drinking an excess amount of water.  Fresh water is something your Pomeranian should ALWAYS have available. Pomeranian with an Upset Tummy

Pomeranian with an Upset Tummy

Not Feeling Well Mommy? Don’t Worry, I got Movies!

Another thing you should always keep available in your pantry at home is white rice. (This is a staple in my house) I fix a little white rice in the morning for the girls if they are not feeling well. Along with the white rice I’ll mix in boiled chicken. This is a great alternative for your Pomeranian when their stomach isn’t feeling well. Because the chicken and rice meal is bland, your Pomeranian will be able to digest it well.

If my Pomeranians refuses to eat the chicken and rice and won’t drink water I make them chicken broth (and usually call the vet) The chicken broth will sooth their stomach as well as keep them hydrated. (My girls have never turned their nose up at chicken broth!) Hydration is very important when your Pomeranian is not feeling well. Make sure and keep a close eye on the water bowl, so that it’s always full.

Pomeranian with an Upset Tummy


If your Pomeranian’s stomach isn’t feeling better with in a day or two and he/she still can’t keep anything down or if they are not eating, I suggest you call the vet and make an appointment. Your vet may suggest x-rays (Some Pomeranian’s love to chew on things, and may sometime swallow pieces of those things that can cause an obstruction in the intestines or stomach.) So plan on spending a little cash to make sure you’re little one is safe! I set up a savings account for the Pomeranian’s when I first started rescuing them. Always good to have cash on hand for any kind of emergency!

~If you have questions or comments on Pomeranian’s with upset stomach please let me know and comment below!~

anndrea villarey says:

Good evening!
thanks for the information. can you please recommend a vitamins for a 1 year old Pomeranian. My pom is too thin.
🙁 Thanks

Pommy Mommy says:

For what?

yuki says:

So my dog has been sick since Christmas! Being lethargic, diarrhea, vomitting, not eating or drinking water, or playing. We called the vet and was advised to bring him in after 2 days if nothing is improving. So we did, he was treated with 3 medications. Til this day he is still having loose stool and is not improving ! Blood work done, Stool sample done, and nothing ! he is very active now and eating and drinking well but that dam loose stool is still there >< what to do ?!

Pommy Mommy says:

Have you changed his diet to one that is more bland?

hetal says:


my pomaranian has bad diarrhea she eats little and cant drink water so what can i do for her? please guide me.

Pommy Mommy says:

Did you read the article?

Gautam says:

My 1month old pommerian is having loose motion…… But she is still too playfulllll…. I tried boilled potato but it was not beneficial……. I am giving her tonned milk

Summer McClung says:

Hi there! I ran across this while searching for some answers about my little one. She woke us up this morning vomiting – which she did repeatedly and in abundance (we had to remove everything from our bed and start washing at 6 am). Then, this evening and tonight she has had diarrhea; the poor baby has been in the bath twice. There’s been no real change in her diet. She will be 11 months old November 1st – and she is my third child. Seriously. My husband thinks I’m crazy sometimes, but I don’t care. Nanee is my fur-baby and I love her so much. So if you may have any ideas what could be wrong or what I could do to help her, please share. She has me so worried. Thank you!

Lisa says:

Thank you, to you all. I got Fang, my Pom to his vet appointment today. He was diagnosed with parvo. Vet said I saved his life. Because of the wonderful tips on sick tummys for poms I was able to keep food and liquids in him. No bleeding in his stool. His vitals teeth gums hearing and sight perfect. Doctor was amazed! I owe my baby’s life to this site. He was treated and will be fine. I can’t thank u enough.


Lisa Briano. Yerington NV.

Pommy Mommy says:

You’re very welcome, Lisa. This is why I started this blog to help all the Pommy Mommies out there help their fur babies live long, healthy, happy lives.

Lisa says:

I love this site! Thank you for the wonderful tips. I’m a new pommy mommy. My baby is just 12 weeks old and has tummy trouble. I’ve been keeping the water down, but worried about his stool. I will go 1st thing tomorrow and buy a small pumpkin and mix some of the insides in with rice and chicken. I was so worried, I have a pit bull as well and she’s great with the new baby. However, this is a new experience for me. Thanks to this site I will be a pro mommy in no time.
:D. Very grateful

Katie & Merlin says:

9-15-13 I am getting a little worried although my pom Merlin doesn’t show at all that he is sick, for the last week and a half he can eat a meal, but as soon as i give him a little tiny treat, he winds up throwing up what ever i gave him plus his meal i gave him at 8am this morning. I have him a mother hubbard training treat (his usual) and as soon as I did, he through up his Blue adult small bite dry dog food, and i also mix it with the free grain chicken can. (about a little over a 1/4 cup.} He is a nice size pom about 15 pounds and not over weight as the vet says.
He has all his shots and is a TDI dog, Therapy Dog International visit assisted living and hospitals on occasion, Every week he goes to school (rally) and he just loves it. He loves all the cow ears, bully sticks, dear hooves, knucles that dogs like to eat and never had a problem. I am wondering if something might have gotten stuck in his intestines like you mentioned. I think I will be needing to take him to the vet as it has been over a week. If he looked sick or was acting sick, i would have taken him last week. I am trying to figure this out and was seeking advise. I will try the rice and chicken like suggested.
Thanks for being out there for all of us.
-Katie and Merlin

Amber says:

I just got a 9 weeks old Pomeranian puppy and she was fine the first couple of days but now she just wont eat I have tried alot to get her too and she just wont. Shes getting so weak and I am out of options. The vet said that she is just picky but i dont belive him do you have any advice. What are some things that I can try? Please help

Walter says:

Pommy mommy:
I have an 8.5 y/o pom – he is drinkuing plrnty of water however he can not seem to hold it down, he continues to drink his water – He also is bleeding from his rectum when trying to use the B/R.
Our financial situation isn’t good at the moment – I just some type of information to carry us through with our oldest boy – By the way his name is luv.

Bhavika says:

Hey I just bought my Pom 3 days back and its one and a half month old. Its not eating his dog food since yesterday evening but a lot of water. I tried giving milk and poached egg too. And he sleeps all day and has loose stools :/ Please help!

Pommy Mommy says:

Whenever a Pomeranian isn’t eating and has loose stools it is most likely a digestive problem. I would call my Vet and see what they suggest.

Singathwa says:


I am very Pom puppy started vomiting and has loose stools,however I am gradually trying to change his diet.could it be because of he is not used 2 what I gave him today?

Thank you.

kanika says:

my dog is 6 yrs old he is not eating food since morning .. i know something is wrong with his stomach because yesterday i found him licking soil..and today i can hear his stomach making noise can u tell me whats d matter..

Pommy Mommy says:

It sounds like you need to take your Pomeranian to the Vet so they can run some tests Kanika. Hope all goes well.

Jordan says:

My Pom is 5 weeks old. I just got him today. And I am worried something is wrong with him. His stomach is making all kinds of noises. He isn’t eating or drinking much water. He has peed and pooped though. And I can’t tell if he is moving around because he is having a bad dream or if something is wrong. Just wondering if you have any suggestions on what could be wrong?

Rochelle says:

It’s normal for Poms to not eat for days and then finally eat. Stop the wet food and stick with the small puppy kibble. Hope baby is growing and healthy now.

Dianne McConnell says:

Hi, I just bought an 8week old Pom teacup. She won’t eat to well. In the morning she doesn’t eat much, nor n the afternoon. She tends to have more of an appetite in the afternoon. But after a day now she won’t eat anything. This morning I gave her wet drop food and she ate and she hasn’t eaten or drank water all day and now she seem’s very tired and sleepy. Please help!

Dianne McConnell

Ebony Sanders says:

Thanx so much for the tips! My 5 month Pom Valentino 🙂 isn’t feeling well tonight I will try the chicken and rice I have been giving him lots of water. He is so small and I get so scared when he is not himself and I feel bad because he usually sleeps with us but since he is sick we put him in his crate 🙁 he has a vet appt in like two days for a booster shot but I pray he is better before then! Thanxs Again 🙂 I’m so glad I found this site!

Aundray Dukes says:

Thank you for posting this it really helped me and my dog shes a female pomeranian as well and she had/has the exact same symptoms as maggie sophia and yoki thnx for your good parenthood

charlotte says:

Hi could you please help me I have a 8 week old male puppy and and he poo 10 to 15 times a day and his poo is loose and wet not like a normal firm poo I have tried the chicken and rice then its good and as soon as I put him back on his pelets which a vet suggest for him then it starts all over again the wet loose poo he is very playful and full of energy and does show any signs of been sick just this loose stools and 10 to 15 times a day is the normal and what should I do please help me email me at

Pommom says:

No need to reply My Linny lost 4 lbs in 3 weeks her normal weight in 10 lbs she has cancer in her intestine .. Went to VRCC Specialist had to made Discussion to have surgery or not shes my lil girl I have to try to HELP her . PLEASE Pommoms save extra money to HELP your lil ones as poms are a BIG part of our lifes.. had to pay over six thousand on 8 different credit cards and family helped for her surgery I would of done anything to try to help her. Have to find a second job to pay credit cards … LINNY is worth it .. .A very bad place to be with no funds …

Rochelle says:

You’re insane to spend that much on a 12 year old Pom. Not being rude , but since you clearly can’t afford to keep doing surgeries, you are better off to let nature take its course. Or adopt him out to a family that can afford the $5k-40k in vet care most older poms require if the goal is to extend life. We just lost our 12 year old male Pom a few weeks ago. We were told 6 months ago that he suddenly had three different heart conditions, skin disease, trachea issues and cough began a week prior to his death. If we would have done the 2 surgeries they said could help him, it would have cost over $22,000. And that would only give him a 50% chance of living a week or a few years longer. But we didn’t want to put him through all that and risk it may not work or he being in pain alive just for extra time. The most important thing is to get your dog pain medicine if he’s hurting at all!!!!! Steroids are wonderful for itching and swelling too. We forget how important it is to keep them pain free when they are hurting and aging because they have many muscle and joint issues that come with age. It’s about quality life, not quantity or how many years you can get! Depending on size, lifestyle , genetics, and diet, poms only live between 7 and 16 years. Once they get past 10, they begin having issues many aren’t prepared for. These are all things to consider before having any small animal become part of the family. We’ve spent $33,000 on basic care for two poms over a 12 year span. That includes shots, grooming, teeth, neutering ,boarding, vet bills for injuries, surgery, food and supplies. People should expect to pay between $10.000 to $30.000 for one Pom that lives to be 12-14 years old. Plan ahead and have a savings account for pet emergencies and budget yourself accordingly. If you can’t afford $1,000 a year per Pom (with no accidents or illnesses) then you need to consider another type of pet or wait until you can afford it. It could double or even triple if your Pom has an injury or other condition. It’s better to be prepared for the worst by having that amount set aside. It’s also a tax write off. Even if you don’t use the $3,000 a year that you set aside in the account, it will likely be used eventually. But if not, you can roll it over for your next pet after the current one is gone. And if you want to bury your Pom at the pet cemetery, that will be another 2-6k. I wish someone told me to be prepared before we decided to invite two poms into our lives! Lol It was worth every cent!

Pommy Mommy says:

If you didn’t mean to be rude you kinda failed there… but I agree with every word. 🙂 Thank you for your awesome information.

Pommom says:

Hello my pom is 10yrs old the past 2weeks she has been throwing up its always yellow not eating or drinking Ive tried giving her rice,chicken,tuna her favorite she will not eat it. I took her to vet a week ago she lost 2 pounds they gave her medicine but she is still not keeping much down. shes not her self and I can feel her bones .. PLEASE HELP

nick galietti says:

please help my lil fuzzy is one year and seven months now she went to the vet for not eating and votiming now i have her back and she is on three differnt meds and also her left eye looks funny they put her to sleep to do an x ray and a scope and now one eye is low like a lazy eye what could of happened thanks for your help

KAYLA says:

hello. i really need your help. i have a pompom and she is not feeling well. not that kind that she has a sick, i think she needs my attention. i am busy right now cause im a graduating pupil. what can i do?

Charlie'mom says:

My Pom is 12 and went into kidney failure a few weeks ago. He is all better but lost part of his tongue due to poor blood circulation. I have been googling every single night trying to find help. He can eat and drink water. My vet says to let him eat people food.( the kind you would eat if you were sick.) im trying to get back onto dog food tho but he just doesn’t want it. I’ve bought the cheapo kind and the expense kind and everything inbetween. It’s very frustrating. He just went all day a without food because he wouldn’t touch his dog food… Yes, I’ve tried wetting the dry kind too. He ended up eating a chicken breast tenderloin and a bit of egg and egg yoke. I won’t let him go a day without food… It’s only been a couple of weeks since his kidney failure stunt. I guess, I am asking if you have a list of what your Pom eats that you can share and have you had luck in getting yours completely onto dog food? Should I just not worry about him eating just people food? Maybe I am rushing it… I just don’t want him to get used to it and get used to me hand feeding him… :-/

Rochelle says:

Trust me, your dog will eat dog food again when she’s finally hungry enough! It may take a day or three. But if you have a Pom on the small underweight side, only feed her eukanuba puppy food. The tiny ones. It’s worth buying the large bag because it will last 6 months if contained properly. My Pom is 6 pounds and six years old. She’s never been a fan of any dog food, but she loves her kibble when she’s hungry. If I do give her human food like chicken , rice or broccoli , she expects to be fed that forever. So it takes her a few days for her to realize she better eat her puppy kibble if she wants to eat and feel better. This is why it’s best for your Pom to not give them human food! Maybe 2-4 times a year if you really feel the need, but the vet says it’s not good for them and creates dangers and the horrible cycle of teasing them. Stick with the yummy healthy puppy kibbles if you want a healthy dog! Never give poms wet food! But if you like you can add a little pumpkin or coconut oil to the fresh dry kibble daily in small doses. It helps settle their tummy and is great for their skin and bones. Most tummy problems with poms are due to them eating something other than water and dry kibble! This is so basic yet many owners believe the dog will be happier with treats, human food, wet food and so on. The truth is owners are dead wrong and very selfish. I know of too many small dogs that passed due to human food parts being stuck inside them somewhere or other. If you’re honestly concerned about your dogs happiness and health, get blood work to see if they have any deficiency . Won’t happen unless you’re feeding more than dry puppy kibble unless it’s organ failure or allergy of some kind. Or if he’s eating things others give them or find when you are not looking. Poms need walks at least once daily! We walk ours twice because it ensures better health, happiness, and real bonding and love. Not to mention they don’t bark if they get daily interaction with other dogs on walks!

ayh says:

please help me… I have a 4 month old pomeranian and tonight he experienced diarrhea… the characteristic of his stool is really watery like stool it has no blood or mucus like substance on it but still I feel worried. Last time I feed him this afternoon his stool is still good I don’t know what I happened and I feel worried too… what should I do? any home remedies? and what do you think it is? I really have no idea I feel so anxious.

Pommy Mommy says:

It’s tough not knowing whats wrong with your Pommy, especially with a little one that is so young. I would try the chicken and rice to see if that settles his stomach. Make sure he is getting enough water to stay hydrated. I would take him to the vet to have him checked out in a few days if he is not doing any better.

sarah says:

hi im a new pommy mom of 3…. a little lady and 2 gentle men……. the 2 Mr. are full of energy, but my little juliet is not doing much. i think its an upset stomach she won’t eat anything and drink water at all. i have to give her in a syringe….. i try to give her milk with vitamin in it with a syringe 3 times a day… but still nothing and she is much more smaller that the rest… she won’t move much and bark only a little unlike her brothers… please help me

Tiffany says:

Hi, I’m really worried about my Pomeranian puppy , she is 6 weeks old and she has really bad diarrhea, she’s throwing up and has no energy.. Could she have an upset stomach? It’s only been a day of her feeling like this…

Pommy Mommy says:

Your best bet is to take her to the Vet. Puppies can get dehydrated very quickly. She may have eaten something she wasn’t supposed to.

Phoxxiee's Mommy says:

My pom (Phoxxiee) is almost 3 years old ive had her since birth never have i seen her like this…..she wont get out of bed shes not eating and she wont drink anything 🙁 its going on 3days now! Every since i told her i was pregnant and shes gonna have a baby brother she has been in her cage,she wont even get in my bed. She is realllllly smart. Do u think she is depressed or sick? Its breaking my heart to see her like this. What can i do?? Im going to try the rice and chicken 2maro but if that dont work what else have u used to bring back ur pom??

Pommy Mommy says:

When any dog is not eating and especially not drinking that’s a major “red flag” Time to call the vet. If she won’t eat the chicken and rice today, I would make a time to see the vet as soon as possible. She may be depressed knowing she’s not going to be the only “baby” around anymore, however it’s a good idea to see what the vet says. Let me know how she’s doing in a few days! Hope all goes well.

Connie says:

Hi My Pom was doing well today until I brought some flea & tick spray that you spray on them leave it for about 10minutes than dry them off and you spray their bedding with it. After I sprayed and dried “Milo” about 20 minutes later he starts vomitting(small portions about the size if a half dollar) and its white w. a little red stuff(no blood). What can I do for him?

Pommy Mommy says:

Whenever you see something clinical like vomiting… you need to call your Vet immediately and discontinue use of any product. Wash your dog and his bed with an ECO friendly detergent.

Nancy says:

My Pom won’t drink any water. Recovering from bloating stomach due to too much air. Vet took X-ray and ruled out air due to foreign object ingested. I’ve been feeding him chicken and rice in small amt 3x times a day. Eating well but won’t drink water. I had to feed him thru a syringe. What can I do for him to drink? Any suggestions will be very helpful? Is this a serious sign or just part of recovery process from illness? Please advise. Thank you.

Pommy Mommy says:

Hi Nancy,
I’m glad you contacted me. More than likely this is all apart of the recovery process. One of my little girls does the same thing. When she’s sick she won’t drink water. However the one thing she loves to drink is chicken broth. Check out my blog post on how to make cold treats using homemade chicken broth. It includes the recipe for how to make the broth. My Pomeranians go crazy over this! They have never turned up their nose at chicken broth. Warm a little bit up and it will really do a good job at keeping your pom hydrated. Just a little at a time is good. Hope you little one feels better soon!

Myra says:

Have you given your poms pumpkin? My pom Mochi loves it and it helps when he is not feeling well and his stools are soft.

As an aside, I feed him raw and he is much more energetic, healthy and happy.

Pommy Mommy says:

Hi Myra!
I have fed my Pomeranian Yoki pumpkin, however it was for a different reason…she would eat her poo poo! I did some research and found out that by feeding your dog natural pumpkin would prevent them from eating it. They like the taste with their food, however not after it’s been digested! Good tip for helping to soften stools naturally!!! Thanks!

george helton says:

thank-you for your suggestions on my pom she started tonight with upset tummy and is sleeping alot since i will try the chicken and rice in the morning ty and if you have any other suggestions please e-mail me ty again george helton

Pommy Mommy says:

Glad I could help George! Hope your little one is feeling better!