7 Most Common Pomeranian Emergencies

By on February 27, 2015

pomeranian emergenciesMost of the time having a Pomeranian is a joy in any Pommy Mommies life but when your furry baby has health issues it can turn your life upside down. I get so many questions on my Facebook Fan Page and right here on my blog about when you as a Pommy Mommy should take your Pomeranian to the Vet. So I have compiled a Top 10 list of the most common Pomeranian Emergencies that should be burned into your brain so you know to just take your Pomeranian to the Vet.


1. Trauma to your Pomeranian

If your Pomeranian has had a fall, has got hit by a car, has been attacked by a larger dog which caused puncture wounds from bites, has gotten scratched by a cat near their face, or has been attacked by a coyote or bird of prey immediate veterinary attention is advised. Your Pomeranian may seem fine because they are pretty tough dog but you still need to bring them to the Vet. Invisible injuries, ones not seen by the naked eye can have devastating effects if not treated efficiently. Trauma to joints, lungs, abdomen that can cause internal bleeding may not show symptoms right off the bat.  Cuts and bruises may not seem as bad immediately following a traumatic event but can become worse if left untreated. If you let your Pomeranian outside, you may not witness an attack, fall, or altercation. So if you see your furry baby limping, favoring a leg or just not acting their-selves have then checked out.


2. Your Pomeranian has Difficulty Breathing

When your Pom has difficulty breathing or what the Vet’s call, Dyspnea it is very important that you bring them in. Difficultly breathing can be anything from wheezing, choking, honking (most of the time, collapsed trachea), pneumonia… and worst of all, respiratory arrest (when the lungs stop working). Most often than not these symptoms can be brought on by something getting caught in your Pomeranian’s throat, sometimes an allergic reaction to food or treats, heart disease or heart worm like in our baby Luka’s case. He coughed and wheezed when he came up the stairs and no one even thought of heart worm.  Please, whatever you do please don’t try to dislodge an object from your Poms throat unless you “really” know dog CPR. I have known people who have tried to do it and caused the object to go deeper. Not to sound like an alarmist but almost always, breathing problems are a major indicator of a bigger Pomeranian health issue, please take action immediately.


3. Neurological Conditions in Pomeranians

pomeranian emergencies

Neurological problems such as the one’s we noticed in our “Little” Sophia can be seen as disorientation, incoordination, severe lethargy, unresponsiveness, and in severe cases, coma. A healthy Pomeranian will be happy, alert and responsive to basic commands; any and all changes that may present themselves need to be addressed and requires immediate Veterinary care.  A lethargic Pomeranian can be can range from an upset stomach to serious problems, so it is not wise to just leave it alone.  Sometimes neurological disorders do not affect mental activity, as was the case with “Little” Sophia, she was kicked, which separated here vertebrae and exposed her spinal cord, progressively losing the ability to walk with her hind legs.  If your Pomeranian falls off the sofa, bed or sustains any type of head trauma please take them immediately to your Veterinarian.


4. Pomeranian Seizures

pomeranian emergenciesSeizures most of the time are typically a “neurological” condition but are so common in Pomeranians that it needs it’s own category. If your Pomeranian has never had a seizure and is not under care for seizures then it is very important that you bring them in and see a specialist. Some of the signs that usually accompany seizures are uncontrollable shaking of the whole body or a specific body part, fainting, falling over, running type of movement on their side, and in some cases not being able to control their bowels or urine.  The most common cause of seizures in Pomeranians is epilepsy but can be triggered by dehydration, brain tumors, over-toxicity or poisoning, and some metabolic diseases such as Hypoglycemia or Diabetes. If your Pomeranian is diagnosed epilepsy it’s not the end of the world and may not always need emergency Veterinary care. Any time your Pomeranian has multiple seizures in a short amount of time but more specifically with in a 24 hour period bring them to the Vet immediately. epilepsy is manageable, so it is important to have a very clear dialogue with your Vet to make sure that you are doing everything possible to keep your furry baby comfortable. One thing to note ins that Pomeranian puppies are highly susceptible to seizures if their blood sugar drops… this condition is called “hypoglycemia”.


5. Suspected Exposure to Toxic Substances

pomeranian emergenciesThere’s nothing worse than finding antifreeze tipped over in the garage, fertilizer bags ripped open or garbage ripped apart with chemicals that were thrown away. If you have even an inkling that your Pomeranian has been where they’re not supposed to be the first call for you should be the ASPCA poison control hotline at 888.426.4435. Explain what potential toxin your Pomeranian may have gotten into and they will give you the advice needed. If inducing vomiting is a remedy that the veterinarian toxicologist recommends than it is useful to keep a bottle of hydrogen peroxide on hand at all times. pomeranian emergencies


6. Vomiting and Diarrhea

Vomiting and diarrhea are pretty common problems in Pomeranians. Most Poms love to get into things they are not supposed to… or as their parents we like to give snacks that may not agree with their stomachs. The average upset tummy will clear up with in 24 hours with resting of the stomach and digestive system. To rest the digestive system just withhold food for 4 to 6 hours.  While your Pomeranian’s stomach is resting, please make sure they have access to plenty of water to keep them adequately hydrated.  During this time watch to see if there is any pain, slowness getting up, or just seems to be down. If any of these signs are out of the ordinary it’s time to take your furry baby in. In the unfortunate event that your Pomeranian is vomiting or has diarrhea for more than 24 hours or there is blood in either take them to the Vet.   If your Pom has a metabolic condition such as Diabetes than you shouldn’t wait 24 hours. Take them in to see your Veterinarian as soon as possible. pomeranian emergencies

 pomeranian emergencies

7. Eye Problems

pomeranian emergenciesFor some reason eye problems in Pomeranians can become big problems very quickly.  Untreated, these symptoms such as; redness in the eye, discharge, excessive tearing, swelling and a constant pawing at their eyes can turn into severe cases at the blink of an eye, pun intended. Even if it is just something small in their eye or a little scratch it is always better to take your Pomeranian to the Vet to make sure it isn’t something worse. Eyes can get infected in no time at all.

As a Pommy Mommy it is important to know the signs of illness and act promptly. This list is by no means complete but is a good representation of the 7 most common Pomeranian emergencies that have been related to me via my Pommy Mommy Facebook Page as well as what I have researched from my own Veterinarian. If your furry baby is presenting you with something that isn’t on this list than please bring them immediately to your Veterinarian. Click the link for more information on other Pomeranian Health Issues.