What is a Throwback Pomeranian?

By on April 11, 2013

Throwback PomeraniansI am the proud Pommy Mommy of a throwback Pomeranian… and the first question out of people’s mouth are, “What is a Throwback Pomeramian?”

Pomeranians come in all kinds of colors and cuteness – and most often in tiny packages!

Adored for their small size, the poofy little bundles of joy can usually fit perfectly in their Pommy Mommy’s purse!

The standard size for a purebred Pomeranian, as designated by the American Kennel Club, is three to seven pounds, but there are plenty of Poms that are much larger than that. They even have a special name – they’re called “throwback” Pomeranians! 

If you have a big Pom, you might have a throwback. A Pomeranian classified as a throwback is one who is a full-grown adult Pom that is not overweight and is bigger than 14 pounds. A Pom with partial throwback genes would be one who is an adult that is not overweight, but is more than 10 pounds. Throwbacks, and those with partial throwback genes, are still purebred Poms, they’re just bigger than standard Poms. Some throwbacks weigh in at 18 to 20 pounds – that’s one big Pom!

The term throwback harkens to the Pomeranian’s larger sled-pulling ancestors. These Spitz-type dogs Throwback Pommyweighed about 30 pounds and are related to the American Eskimo dog and the Siberian Husky. Genetic testing of dog breeds has found that many Spitz types are in the group closest to wolves and are presumed to be the oldest type of dogs. This might explain the Pom’s fiesty demeanor.

In the late 1800s, Queen Victoria fell in love with the Spitz breed, but wanted the dogs to be smaller, as it was popular for those of royalty to have tiny lap dogs. She took it upon herself to create a breeding program to reduce the size of the dogs, and so became the small Pomeranians that we know and love today. The queen is credited with not only advancing the trend toward smaller Poms, but also dramatically increasing the popularity of the breed.

But not all Pomeranians are teeny-tiny fluff puffs, and that’s where the throwbacks come in. While throwbacks aren’t very common, they appear randomly in litters. They also tend to occur more in the long-haired, flat-coated Poms, and some throwbacks have a longer, Fox-like nose rather than a shorter, teddy-bear type nose.

Throwbacks don’t deviate much from typical Poms when it comes to their behavior and temperament. The standard Pom already displays behavior that is throwback in nature, such as being alert and independent. Most Poms also love to travel and adapt well to new situations, which was typical behavior of their larger Spitz counterparts. Throwbacks are just as adorable, loving and sweet as any other Pomeranian. 


Jaime and her Pommy

Jaime and her Pommy

Throwbacks aren’t thought to have any health problems due to their larger size. In fact, being bigger can be to their advantage. Whereas small Poms can get injured by jumping from heights, the stockier throwback isn’t as prone to such injuries and might enjoy more of certain activities like jumping.

I can attest to that because I am   one of the many Pommy Mommies who is the proud owner of a throwback Pom! My throwback – and I use that term very affectionately – is a big boy! Bear-Bear is a purebred Pom who weighs in at 16-17 pounds, clearly putting him in the throwback category. He’s definitely a sturdy Pom and he also loves to jump a lot – classic throwback characteristics!

Bear-Bear is bigger than his brother Foxy, who weighs 11-12 pounds. Although Foxy could have partial throwback genes, he’s not considered a throwback Pom.

Coincidentally, the Pomeranian my family had when I was growing up, Sugar, was also a throwback! We didn’t know about throwback Poms at the time, but were surprised by how big she was for a Pomeranian. Sugar weighed about 16 to 18 pounds and was even bigger than Bear-Bear! Her daddy Pom was named Big Red, so maybe he was a throwback Pom, too!

It just proves that Pomeranian love comes in all kinds of shapes and sizes! I’m sure all of my fellow Pommy Mommies will agree that no matter how big or small, Pomeranians always manage to steal the show – and our hearts! 


Peace, Love & Pomeranians,


Pom Mom Jaime Mowers



Jaime and her Pomeranians Foxy and Bear-Bear

Jaime Mowers is the Pommy Mommy of Foxy and Bear-Bear.

Jaime Mowers says:

Thank you, Melissa!! That’s awesome you have a Throwback Pommy, too:) They are hearty pups! I’m not sure if being a Throwback plays into their potty training easier/better, but I’m glad you had a good experience with that! Thanks for reading! So glad you enjoyed the article:)

melissa says:

Love the article, Pommy Mommy! We have a partial throwback pom ourselves and he’s about 10lbs at 8 months he’s so healthy and loveable! I am curious if you think that because they’re bigger built, that it plays an affect on whether they are more easily potty trained? I always heard that “they’re too small to control their bladder all the time” but our baby controls his just fine and he even sleeps with us in bed 🙂
Thank you for showing off your beautiful babies,


Jaime Mowers says:

Hi Madelyn! Thanks for writing! I’m honestly not sure if there is a way to identify which Poms are throwbacks when they’re young. I’ve now had two throwback Poms, and both of them were just as tiny as “regular” Poms when they were little…so I think you probably don’t know until they get a little older:) I also don’t know of anyone who specifically breeds throwbacks, sorry!

Hi Andrea! Thanks for sharing about your boy Sammy Ray! He sounds adorable and I’ll look him up on Instagram:)

Pom Mom Jaime Mowers

Andrea says:

Okay so I meant to type they are all LOVE all the time!!! Opps auto correct!

Andrea says:

I’m so happy I came across this article I rescued my Sammy Ray almost 3 years ago and I am always having to convince people that he is pure pom! Now I have the terminology to back it up!! You are right it does not matter the size big or small they are all live all the time! He is so loyal and sweet and had just made an awesome companion! I am so lucky that he found me one day while I was at work. He has an instagram page if you want to see his foxy face! @sammyraybrown Thanks for sharing all about your poms!

Madelyn says:

We’ve got a throwback pom! He’s about 8 kilos and maybe 25cm at the withers. We really like him. As he’s getting older, I’d consider getting another pom like him in the future, and I’d like to find out if I can specifically get a throwback pom. I like his foxy nose,and how athletic, sturdy and outdoorsy he is, I don’t think a toy-sized dog is right for me! Is there a way to identify them when they’re young, or anyone breeding bigger, more foxlike poms?

Jaime Mowers says:

Yes, Vicky! It definitely sounds like boy could be a Throwback!! I think you’ll just have to wait and see:)

Pom Mom Jaime Mowers

Kathy says:

Ty this explains why my Pom looks a little different

Vicki says:

I bought a beautiful little pom who at 9 weeks weighted 4lb 4.3oz. Now at 13 weeks he weighed in a 7lbs 4.5ozs. and now at 17 weeks he weighs in at 10lbs. and at the shoulder is already 12″. Vet said he thinks my Remington is a throwback. Do you agree? I love him being of larger size as when he gets running through the house I can at least see him coming.

Pommy Mommy says:

I usually wait until they are 1 year old to decide if the fit the criteria of a “throwback”… but he sure sounds like he is on his way.

Jaime Mowers says:

Hi Nanci!

Your throwback Pom sounds like she was beautiful!! I’m not sure if you can specifically find/look for a throwback puppy…like you said, I think you just have to wait and see how big they get:) Thanks for reading!

Pom Mom Jaime Mowers

Nanci currie says:

I recently lost a very special white Pom that I now understand was a partial throwback. She weighed 13 lbs with a sturdy build and a huge coat. She also had an interesting herding instinct and was extremely smart. Both of her parents weighed around 8 lbs and I expected her to be the same. I absolutely love the larger poms! My male Pom is also large and weighs just under 14 lbs but doesn’t have the sturdy leg construction that the female had. He also has the triple coat.

I would love to find another partial throwback or throwback puppy but am wondering how, as it appears most are discovered after a purchase.

Jaime Mowers says:

Hi Karla!! Jaxton sounds awesome:)

Nina, so glad we could introduce you to the term throwback! They are big, beautiful Poms:)

Pom Mom Jaime Mowers

Cindy Head says:

I have 3 throwback poms. Weighing from 17 lbs to 22 lbs.Also have my Angel in heaven that weighed 15 lbs before she got sick rest in peace baby girl mommy and daddy loves and misses you. Love the throwback poms

Nina Click says:

Today is the first time I ever heard of a “throwback Pomeranian”. I have 2 from the same litter. I have the parents and all 4 pups. Now I know when people want to say they are not real poms that I can tell them they are throwbacks. They are beautiful big boys and have gorgeous coats and you are right there is just more to love.

Karla says:

We got our Throwback Pom “Jaxson” about a month ago. He is 1 1/2 years old and weighs in at 18 lbs. Total sweetheart and very trainable. So far he sits, stays, rolls over, plays dead, shakes, high fives, jumps through a hoop, dances and crawls. He also loves his back near his tail rubbed. He growl/talks and raises his head when we rub him there. We tell him he is a seal when he does that! Squeaky toys make him the happiest. Great article! Love to read about throwbacks!

Jaime Mowers says:

Hi Ophelia! I know, people are always asking about my throwback Pommy, too! My throwback Pommy, Bear-Bear, is an absolutely joy.!!

Pom Mom Jaime Mowers

ophelia says:

My dog Perseus (Percy) is a throwback. He’s sable colored and weighs about 17 lbs. If throwback Poms were more well-known; people are always coming up to me asking what kind of dog he is, and it takes ages to explain the whole throwback thing.
But he is an absolute joy. One of the sweetest and most well-behaved dogs I’ve ever met. And it’s adorable to watch him and my cat play with each other.

Lisa B. says:

I have a gorgeous 11 year old large pommy named Nikki. It is nice to see other large pommy mommies and daddies out there.

Will Jones says:

We bought a cute little fluffy Pom puppy 5 years ago. Jiminy grew, then he grew some more and now weighs 25lbs. He is a total lap dog, he is smart, obedient and very loving. We were thrilled when we first learned of “Throwback” Poms. We kept thinking that we might have been “mis-led” from the person we bought him from. We called him, he reminded me that he did give me registration papers (I never registered him). None of it really matters, we love Jim, he loves us and we are all happy!

Justine says:

My Pom, Chipper, is a throwback. He’s a local celebrity! He is 16 pounds
of pure cuteness.

See some pics of him on Instagram @itsalrightma. 🙂

Pommy Mommy says:

Cool Justine! I’ll look you up on Instagram!

Jaime Mowers says:

Ok, just started following you on Instagram:)

MaryFrank says:

Thank you so much for an explanation of what a Throw Back
Pomeranian is….Chester is now 9 months and is 10 lbs and I have no problem with his size but have started wondering.
My biggest complaint was that he is a puppy! I am a happy camper with everything about him now…just asking! I knew nothing about a pom.

Alice says:

Cashmere (may he rest in doggy heaven) was a throwback (12 lbs) and my first Pom. He was one unique dog. Not only he was the biggest pom in the dog park but also the most energetic. He can run for 2 hrs straight without stopping (i’m serious). He’s an escape master and destroyer of furniture. I maybe younger and less experience in training puppy then but he gave me more troubles than any of my current Pom. I miss him everyday after he’s gone. Chanel and Meeko – my current poms are sweet little princesses. They get in trouble from time to time but in no way as active as Cashmere. Throwback Pom are fun and loving, but may not be right for a laid back life in my opinion. Cashmere was a tornado that sweep into my life and kept me on my toes everyday until he left.

Sandy says:

My little (big) boy, Johnny Cash, is a throwback pom as well. Weighing in at 18 lbs, not a bit overweight, he is cute as a button. He is gentle and patient with his two 5lb brother poms, but certainly thinks he’s a hunter when he gets outside. He’ll spend hours “tracking” in the yard. 🙂 Never had a sweeter dog, love him dearly and he is very protective of our family. When we call him “hero” he lights up!
Love hearing about all poms, but throwbacks are special.

Clarissa says:

My Pomeranian is named Biggie and I thought he was big and he is a purebred but now I know he might be a throwback pommy thanks for the read

Clarissa says:

Well he might throwback genes I should say he weighs like 10 lbs

Jaime Mowers says:

Hi Kelsey!! I’m so glad you liked the article! Now you can tell people all about your Throwback Pommy:)

Kelsey says:

Wow, this article made me so happy! People have been making fun of my sweet boy for 4 years now… Calling him a misfit, asking why he’s so big. The breeder was trying to convince me not to take him because he was the ‘monster’ of the litter, but I knew he was for me. This was so informative and fabulous – thanks for sharing the info!

Jaime Mowers says:

That’s awesome, Lucinda:) Glad you enjoyed the article!!

Lucinda Cockrell says:

Jaime, Thanks for the article – I am so glad you picked this topic. We have a throwback named Enkidu (from the epic poem Gilgamesh). He is wonderful and quite a dog! We call him a “NeanderPom.” I have a collection of Victorian and Edwardian era real photo postcards of “Victorian Poms” as they are called in Europe. They look just like my Enkidu!

Jill Pearson says:

My two males are throwbacks I guess. Hunter was 11 pounds and Riley is 13 pounds. But Riley loves to jump and gets on my bed, but Hunter always needed to be picked up.

Jaime Mowers says:

Thanks for reading, everybody! I love hearing about your Throwback Pommies:)

Ashley says:

I have a big 2 year old boy who is 13 pounds. I honestly like the bigger sizes better! He thinks he is a human, & is beyond spoiled rotten! His triple coat is breathtakingly gorgeous! I love my furbaby!

Abby says:

Our Scooby was a throwback, he was so awesome! He fluctuated between 15 & 18 lbs. He had so much love and so much personality! He is dearly missed,

shari says:

LOVE THIS ARTICLE !!!!!! Thank you

Amy Noel says:

Oh Jack is on Instagram @jackblackflufferpants

Amy Noel says:

My Jack is also a big boy! 18 pounds! And a personality to match. He is the Air Jordan of Pom jumpers and can even jump the fence! He was rescued from a breeder and there were other small Poms taken as well, but Jack was a big bear compared to the little ones. I get asked all the time what he is 😉

Amy says:

I guess I shouldn’t feel left out with my pom Mater. I sometimes have people asking me if he is a purebred pomeranin. Of course I say yes. He is just a big pomeranin. And I love him. he likes to jump too

Amy says:

oh you can check him out on instagram at amurrills

yashikibuta says:

My Angel is a 10-pound Pomeranian and I thought she was big for a pom but I guess not exactly a throwback too.

Jaime Mowers says:

That’s awesome, Danielle! I’ll check you guys out on Instagram!

danielle says:

my pommy is a throwback, he has the biggest personality and is a bundle of fun. instagram: @peanut_the_pom