A Pommy Mommy Rescue Story: Penny the Pommy

By on May 6, 2013

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This weeks rescue Pomeranian comes from Kansas! Her name is Penny and her “Pommy Mommy” Jennifer is going to tell us all about how Penny came to live with her and her family! Go grab your little cuddle buddy and get ready for a super happy “tail waggin” read!


We had just lost both of our old dogs to cancer, within 5 months of each other and were left heartbroken and wanting a new little companion. I just adore animals (I haven’t even eaten meat since I was a kid) and all of our pets have been rescues so far… we especially have a soft spot for the ones who wouldn’t normally get a good home. There are so many animals out there in shelters who are in need of a loving home, that I couldn’t feel good about going to a breeder. I know there are many breeders who are legitimately caring and good to their dogs, but it’s often hard to tell.

We looked for dogs on Petfinder.com for several weeks, but hadn’t thought to look for places near the lake house. That Thanksgiving weekend, we decided to search the local shelters down there and I saw Penny’s pic at a place called S.T.A.F.F. (Society for the Treatment of Abandoned and Fractured Friends), and I fell in love with her. I had always wanted a Pom, but I was doubtful at first that I would ever find one through a shelter, so I was excited when I saw Penny. I had no idea what kind of life she had lived until we called and talked to a staff member named Kris, who explained her story that before they got her she had lived her entire life in a cage, never feeling grass under her feet and she would take a lot of patience and love and still may never be like a normal dog. When we got to the shelter, all of the dogs were jumping and barking like crazy, except Penny, who was named Foxy at the time. She stood at the back of her cage and wagged her tail at me when I said hi to her, making my heart squeeze a little.

We adopted Penny from the shelter, where she had been for 2 years of her 4 year life. The other two years she was at a puppy mill, where over 250 dogs were rescued.

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The people at the shelter told us that when they went to raid the puppy mill, they found dogs who were eating each other’s legs.  It was that horrible… however despite all that she’s been through, Penny is a super sweet, but scared girl and never ever mean.

She had actually been adopted out before, but the family didn’t want to keep her and were going to sell her on Craigslist. Thankfully thePenny A Pommy Mommy Rescue Story 5 shelter had found out what the evil people were planning to do and got her back again.  The shelter thought she would stay for the rest of her life. The owner of the shelter was so kind, and said she would give us Penny free of charge, because they could tell that we could give her the kind of home she needed. I work from home and can be around her almost always, ensuring she has care and someone to let her outside when need be. We also adopted a chihuahua the same day and he has been teaching Penny how to become a “real dog.”

Penny A Pommy Mommy Rescue Story 4Penny’s such a wonderful addition to our family and I can’t imagine why anyone would want to treat her bad or try to get rid of her. It broke my heart when I found out she had lived almost her whole life in a cage and never had felt grass under her feet until the shelter took her in. She’s not always the most affectionate dog, understandably, but when she does give those little puppy licks or wags her tail, you feel like you just earned the most amazing reward.

We’ve had our pups since Thanksgiving and Penny has already come out of her shell quite a lot! I’m so proud of her and every little step she makes feels like a big victory.


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Hello My Name is Dawn Ely I’m the Manager of The STAFF ANIMAL RESCUE GROUP where the two dogs came from..I’m So Proud of this letter.Penny has the best home ever and i’m so proud of them.we send are love to Penny’s Family.Dawn

Jennifer says:

Aw, I didn’t even know my mom posted a comment on this. That was a lovely surprise. 🙂 And thank you so much for sharing my Penny’s story, Pommy Mommy! She’s such a sweet girl who deserves to be a part of a family and know what love is all about. Also, high five to Julie for rescuing as well! It really makes you feel good!

Jaime Mowers says:

Loved hearing this heartwarming story about Penny!! 🙂 So glad you gave her a wonderful home!!!

Peggy says:

I enjoyed the story a lot. I am the mother of Jennifer who cares for Penny in there home. She is a sweet dog & I call her Lady Penelope. At Christmas time they came to visit us in Nebraska, which was shortly after finding her forever home in Kansas & I could tell she was mistreated. She would cower down when anyone strange came near, never playful & skidish to even come into my kitchen to eat her food. If we put her on the sofa, she just stayed there, never attempting to get down. It was so sad.
They recently came for another visit and I could not believe the difference in that special Pom. She even comes to you now when called & even enjoys being petted & rubbed on her ears. She is acting happy to be around others & minds very well. I had a Pom when I was a girl and her name was lady. She looked just like Penny, so the name Lady Penelope is just the best – for this little lady! I love her too.
Jennifer did an excellent job on this story & her and her husband have done a great job giving Penny & Charley a loving & comfortable second chance for a forever home.

Julie says:

This story made my heart happy. I always have a pom who was in a puppy mill for 6 years of her 11 years of life, luckily hers wasn’t as bad. My other dog Cassie who is a pap was horribly abused and has a tattoo in her ear and it took her a year to like me, now she acts likes a normal dog minus when she hears loud noises and she’s still not thrilled with grass. Anyways it’s nice to hear rescue stories rather than buying stories! I’ve seen and heard a lot ever since fostering dogs for a papillon and pomeranian group called south paw!