A Pomeranian Tribute: Luka… A Tough Little Boy

By on September 22, 2014

Pomeranian Tribute: Luka

Being a Pommy Mommy is literally the most rewarding responsibly I have ever had. Most people would call it a “job” but I could never call what I do a job… it’s actually an experience that only us as Parents of Pomeranians know… and it’s wonderful.  Many of you probably think this is going to be some sad Pomeranian tribute to my fallen little guy. It isn’t. pomeranian tribute

Being a Pommy Mommy to “Rescue” Pomeranians is the most important thing I have done so far in my life. I get to rescue Pomeranians that people didn’t want and watch them grow into amazing little personalities… and if your have one you know what I mean.  My husband and I always joke about how “I held Luka First”… when Maria gave the boys to us she handed me Luka and my husband Niko. They were so frightened and disoriented our hearts were filled with sadness for the both of them.

Pomeranian tribute: LukaFrom a frightened little Black Pom came a personality that was larger than even my husband’s… and let me tell you, no actually let me tell you more about Luka. After we gave him a bath, a haircut and some descent food… he did what anyone else would have done… he took over the house. When Maggie passed there was a huge hole left in the Pommy pack for a leader… Luka saw his opportunity and stepped right in and started bossing everyone around. No one argued so he stayed boss… and that’s kinda how he got his name. If you read my rant about A Pomeranian’s Passing you would know that my husband saw this little Black Pom literally bossing everyone around and said he reminded him of Luca Brasi from the “Godfather” Book, not the movie.  He started calling him Luka from the start and he responded to his new name without hesitation… obviously he liked it. I don’t like c’s in names… not really sure why but I don’t. So, it became Luka… just like Yoki, Mika and Niko. pomeranian tribute

We never really knew how tough Luka was until we went to the dog park… if another dog came up to anyone of the Pommy pack… that was just stupid. Luka would come over and basically, in no uncertain terms tell your dog… it wasn’t appropriate to be sniffing around my brother and sisters. Let me tell you he meant it… if you know what the “Jersey” nod is… Luka would just “nod” and every dog would move away from his brother Niko and his new sister Yoki. It was hilarious. He was literally “Il Pommy Negro”… the Black Pommy.  (I hope you get the reference) … and if you don’t, The Mafia was called… “Il mano negro”, The Black Hand. (in Italian)

Pomeranian tribute: LukaLuka was more than a tough guy though… he was such a beautiful boy. When you looked into his face all you saw was absolute beauty… my husband would say… “come on, stop it… call him handsome”… but that really wasn’t the case… he was absolutely beautiful. Everyone that experienced Luka was astounded by his beauty… and I loved it. He was my “beautiful” boy. Everyone on the Las Vegas Strip wanted to take their pictures with him.  There is something about a beautiful Black Pomeranian that attracts even the biggest skeptics… and Luka loved the hugs and kisses. Little Niko was very jealous… but he had his own fans, all he had to do was bat his eyes. pomeranian tribute

We nicknamed Luka, “Ladies Man” because whenever my husband and I would have people over… he always won the hearts of the women and wouldn’t leave their side. Every single time he would convince them to pick him up, pet him and give him food… it was like he had them in a trance… pick up, pet me, give me treats.  He really knew how to “work a room”… or a room with women in it.

Pomeranian tribute: LukaPomeranian tribute: LukaSomething… and I don’t know if it’s a good thing or a bad thing but it was Luka, was his possessiveness. He claimed our tortoise, Gorby as his pet. No one could go near him and he would sit by him for hours… I would literally have to pull him out of the “hot” Las Vegas Sun to stop guarding Gorby. He also liked claiming every single toy that came through for the Pommy boxes that we would put together for the month. His favorite toy was a little yellow tennis ball that we bought the second we adopted him… but he considered all the toys, his. I was talking to my husband and started sobbing because I realized that all of Luka’s toys were in the corner of his office… and Luka really is the only one that played with every single toy. I’m not sure if it was because he “strong armed” all the other Poms but I know that he loved his toys… “all of them”. pomeranian tribute

I’m really not sure why he died… we have our suspicions but all I know is that Luka never presented any signs that he was sick until he was sick… and even then he was a tough little guy. After the return home from the Vet I went to the store to get some dinner and he was right there at the door greeting me with all the vigor and lust for life that he had… never giving us any reason to doubt that he would live another 10 years.  I will never forget how happy he always was… very rarely did I ever take a photo of him without a smile on his face. He was the ultimate model and loved every minute of being the toughest, most beautiful, possessive little Black Pomeranian, I have ever met. Thank you Luka for allowing me the experience of your awesomeness. You taught me so much about life… and how I should be living it.

Pomeranian tribute: Luka

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