A Pomeranian Passing: My baby Luka has died

By on September 17, 2014

A Pomeranian dying

A Pomeranian passing: My baby LukaThis is probably one of the hardest posts I’ve had to write. I have had Pomeranians die or ones that needed to be euthanized and those deaths all sucked, and left me heart broken… but today something out of the blue happened and I don’t know how to speak of it.  I won’t blow smoke up any one’s asses… this absolutely sucks. As I write this I want to vomit… and wish they had something stronger then 100 proof anything. Pomeranian passing.

I am writing this just after I got the word that my baby, Luka’s heart was no longer beating. This post will most likely have more emotion than any other I have ever written. Although I am full of venom and want to kill every Vet that says… ” there is no immediate danger” I will thank God that I have not killed anyone yet.  Most of the time my husband has always been the violent one, the former mobster, vicious business man… but tonight I wish I could have someone whacked. Pomeranian passing.

A Pomeranian passing: My baby Luka

A Pomeranian passing…

My husband and I took our little baby Luka to the Vet because he was acting strange. He was panting, lying on his side and just didn’t want to eat that much. So off to the Vet we went. Luka as it would have it is one of the toughest little guys… very much like his  Pommy Daddy. You just never know what’s really wrong with either of them because they’re stubborn tough guys… and Luka was his daddy in a furry coat. I want to hate them for that but there is no use…  I can’t find reason for any of it.  My baby Luka is dead… and it absolutely sucks. He was a little warrior, loved life, loved everything about being a cool Pomeranian… and now he is dead. Why? Six years old… why?

I just took his photo for one of our brand new products and he was so excited… and so were we. Sometimes I hate God for giving us the best things in the world… and then all of a sudden snatching them from us. Really?

A Pomeranian passing: My baby LukaLuka was everything that was awesome. I loved every little outburst, every cute smile, every lick that he gave… and there were so many. I am absolutely heartbroken… and wish my little baby Luka was right here next to me. All he could do was look at me and went right over to his daddy. He new he was dying,  even when we didn’t. He knew his daddy would comfort him. All of a sudden he fell over and started breathing every which way he shouldn’t. How the hell does this happen? No really?

Baby Luka started bleeding out of his mouth and that’s when we got in the car and went right to the emergency Vet. When we arrived they pronounced him dead. Both of us couldn’t breath… and Rocco wished he could have punched something… and thank God he didn’t. Everyone at the emergency clinic was very frightened.  Luka was his little boy… and all of a sudden he is dead. I can’t even tell you how much I hurt. I thought for sure we would have Niko and Luka for many years of just crazy happiness. Pomeranian passing.

Luka lived up to his name. I don’t know if you know this, but Rocco named him Luka because baby Luka reminded him of the character in Mario Puzo’s Book, not the movie, Luca Brasi. In Mario Puzo’s version of Luca Brasi, he was a short, stout, barrel chested, mob hitman. Which was what Luka presented as a foster… and we felt that was who he was. He was too awesome!.. and he lived up to every expectation. Pomeranian passing.

I can’t tell you how much I miss him because he is only gone a couple of hours… but my heart hurts… and I still want to vomit.

I held him… and felt he was still alive.  Although I knew he was dead, I thought for sure my little baby Luka would be the tough guy that he is and jump out of the towels and tell us he was okay… it didn’t happen.  My baby Luka has died.