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The Best Way to Feed Your Pomeranian Pills

by pommymommy
Pomeranian pills

Face it—even the best-trained Pommy isn’t going to be happy about taking their meds. But it’s so important that Pommy Mommys give their pups pills on time. Thankfully, we’ve rounded up some of the best tips to help you feed your Pomeranian pills fuss-free.

Mix it With Food

Sometimes it’s just that easy to feed your Pomeranian pills. If your Pom enjoys chowing down on soft foods, you might be able to get away with placing their pill in the food unnoticed. If your pup needs more than one pill a day, be sure to portion out smaller amounts of food so that they are not overeating.

Pill Pockets

The clever pet market has designed delectable treats for this very challenge. Pill pockets are little soft snacks that encase a pet’s pill. For many dog owners, these work very well. You can feed your Pomeranian pills by putting one in each pill pocket.

Treat Disguises

If your Pommy doesn’t fall for the pill pockets, or if they just eat the food around the pill, you need another alternative. By this point, it will be best to get personal with your Pom’s tastes. What are the treats your Pommy simply can’t resist? Try feeding your Pom their pill by sticking it inside of their favorite treat.

If your pup has avoided their pills thus far, you’ll want to really sell it. Start the feeding off by giving your pup one treat with no pill. Say your fur balls favorite snack is chicken. Give them a piece of chicken without the pill, plus plenty of pets. Repeat this before following up with a third piece of chicken, this time one that contains the pill inside.

Frozen Pill Treats

A frozen pill treat is yet another method of hiding your Pom’s pills inside of food. Take your pup’s pill for each day and put it in a single ice cube mold surrounded by peanut butter or chicken stock. Pop it in the freezer for a few hours, then try giving your pup their pill hidden inside of this savory popsicle.

Distracting Methods

Pommys can be seriously smart pups. If your Pommy is catching on to all of your attempted medication methods, you need to outwit them. Prepare your Pom’s pill in one of the above methods. Now, choose a time to feed this to your Pom when they will be distracted and thus the least suspicious. Try giving it to your pup on a walk, or in the middle of an exciting playtime. If your Pommy likes to hang around the kitchen while you’re cooking, you could even drop it on the floor at dinner time. Your Pom might be so excited to score a scrap of tasty chicken that they won’t even notice the pill.

Direct Method

Trained pill-givers can generally get animals to swallow pills by placing them in the back of the animal’s throat and closing the mouth so the animal is forced to swallow. This method can be easy and quick. However, you should not feed your Pomeranian pills in this way unless you are confident that your Pommy feels safe and stress-free. If not, this could be a traumatizing and confusing experience for your Pommy.

There are many clever ways to feed your Pomeranian pills. If one method doesn’t work, another might! Try each to see which is less stressful and most successful with your furry friend.

Do you have any Pill Feeding Tricks that you’d like to share? Leave them in the comments below.

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