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7 Incredible Pomeranian Life Hacks

by pommymommy
Pomeranian Life Hacks

Every Pommy Mommy wants the best for their Pommy. With these incredible pomeranian life hacks, you can take easy steps to take you and your Pom’s lifestyle to the next level! 

1. Easy Hair Cleanup

Pomeranians are a furry breed, which is part of what makes them so adorable. While Pommys don’t shed as much as some other furry babies, they still tend to leave behind some of their hair everywhere they go. You can make cleanup easy, though, by using a rubber glove or a squeegee to collect hair from furniture and carpeted surfaces. You can also cover your Pom’s bed or favorite resting area with a pillowcase or a sheet for easy washing.

2 Peanut Butter Pills

Sometimes a Pommy needs pills, whether it be for an infection or for a common Pomeranian health issue, like hypoglycemia. This incredible life hack for your Pomeranian will make giving your pup medication way easier. Take your pup’s pills and mix each serving with peanut butter in a section of an ice cube tray. Freeze these with popsicle sticks marked for each day or time a pill is needed. Now you will have pills organized by day and ready to feed to your eager Pommy.

3. Efficient Shampooing 

Make your pup’s shampoo last longer by diluting it with water and storing it in a lidded pitcher. Mixing your Pomeranian-safe shampoo and conditioner with water makes it easier to gently cover your pup for an even lather. This easy life hack will also make your Pom’s shampoo last longer.

4. Carabiner Leash 

Another incredible pomeranian life hacks is to keep a carabiner on your pup’s leash. This lets you easily attach the leash to poles or fences so that you can secure your Pommy without having to undo the leash. Having a carabiner on the leash also allows you to add the leash of a second dog if needed for easy walking.

5. Slow Down Snacking 

Does your Pom have a bad habit of eating too quickly? Help encourage your doggy to slow down at meal time by serving your pup’s food in a muffin tin. This trick forces your doggo to move between smaller servings instead of scarfing all at once.

6. Fresh Herbal Breath

Good dental hygiene is important for dogs of all breeds. But sometimes, even with regular brushing, a Pommy’s bad breath can get out of control. Luckily it’s easy to freshen a puppy’s breath between brushing with this life hack. Purchase some organic parsley and sprinkle it on top of your Pom’s food. This trick will make it much nicer to hold your lap dog in your lap.

7. Cool Walks

Pomeranians have gorgeous, long hair. While this feature is one of the things that makes Poms so unique, fluffy and adorable, it also puts them at risk of overheating. When you’re out with your Pommy in the summer, take precautions to keep your furball cool. Bring a collapsible water dish with you so your pup can have regular drinks on every walk. Dress your Pommy’s feet in booties to keep them from burning on the pavement. At home, create a cool environment by putting ice cubes in your Pom’s water. If your yard lacks natural shade, create your own using tarps or sheets.

What incredible pomeranian life hacks do you use for your Pommy’s day-to-day?

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