Little Sophia… an inspiration to us all

By on December 10, 2014

I’m not going to lie. This is the hardest thing I will ever write for the Pommy Mommy blog. Not only because it is emotionally crippling but also physically… it’s very difficult to write with a wet keyboard and blinded by tears. I’ve had to write 3 tributes in the past three months and I’m a little spent in all honesty but “Little” Sophia showed we undaunting toughness in her short life… and she would want me to press on.

SophiaThat’s the real challenge… I’m not kidding… pressing on.  A little 3lb ball of cuteness was literally my inspiration to start a company from nothing… but finding cute outfits for her to wear. The best selling product in my shop is a tiara that I bought for her to be in a little tea party photo shoot, I wanted to do with her. She has always been very cute and always had a smile on her face… she always seemed happy, so how could I not be happy. Most of you don’t know this but she was with me, “literally” every minute of everyday for the first 3 years she was with us. It was like she was attached to my hip… and if you consider the pink sling we had made for her… she actually sat on my hip.

Sophia in her high chairIf I wasn’t holding her on my lap, in my arms or in her high chair… she was most likely sleeping right next to me in her blow up swimming pool. My husband and I did everything we could to make “Little” Sophia’s life better. There was nothing I wouldn’t buy for her… and there was nothing my husband wouldn’t build, make or create to make her life easier. Over the past year… Sophia began having difficulty walking on our wood floors, so we bought rubberized runners for her… they worked but only for a while. My husband’s office is the only carpeted place in the house and she really liked walking on the carpet… so Sophia was now, doing what we affectionately called “rehab” in my husband’s office. She would spend hours up in his office walking around on the carpet with Luka and Niko. Our philosophy was, if she wants to do it we will figure out a way to get it done. Rocco would spend huge chunks of time playing with her, walking her in a harness he made from a Director’s chair canvas back and handles from two 5 gallon buckets. She was the center of attention and he worked his businesses around her… if he spent time with her during the day time he would work until 5 or 6 in the morning to make up the work… she kinda became Daddy’s little girl… kinda. I was a little jealous but loved that he loved her so much.

Sophia with her sweet potato chipI can’t tell you how much she inspired us to be better… I would watch her be her “demanding” self, throwing little tantrums for attention and I would laugh but it always got me thinking. She knows what she wants and she knows how to get it. Very few of us ever do what we really want and almost never get it. Because of this tough little girl I am doing everything I ever wanted and loving every minute of life… and she was my little partner in crime. Wherever mommy was, there was the “Boss” as we used to call her. She sampled everything from treats to clothes, sometimes toys… she never played with them but loved posing with them. It was the strangest thing… when I got the camera out she was always ready with a smile or grumpy face. I felt she always new what we needed for the photo… she was a natural. I had to purchase two 1 Terrabyte external hard drives to store all of her photos… the rest of the pack haven’t even filled up 500 gigs. I loved taking pictures of her… and she loved me taking her picture.

Sophia's baby danceThe one thing that always got me, was whenever I was feeling like the world was crashing down on me… Sophia would pull out her bag of tricks, reach in and touch my heart. Whenever I thought I couldn’t take any more from the world… “Little” Sophia would break out into to her “baby dance”. She would throw herself on the floor and start shaking her paws… and the more I said “baby dance… baby dance” the more she would do it. How could you not fall madly in love with a personality that just wants you to be happy. I wish I could see her “Baby Dance” one more time.

When I had more than 10,000 photos of her, I decided it was time to give her a Facebook Fan Page… and in just a short while she built a following without much help from the Pommy Mommy Fan Page that boasts over 84 thousand. She hit 3000 likes a week before she passed… and she seemed so proud.  It’s amazing how her photos, and stories inspired so many people. I have received hundreds of emails, Private Messages and calls from people who have said that their families would talk about her, watch her videos and children wouldn’t go to bed until they saw her daily posts. Talk about an impact… that 3lbs of red fur boasted a huge personality and deserved all the accolades she got.


I finally got to writing Sophia’s story just a couple of month’s ago after Luka passed. I kept wanting to write it but I couldn’t bring myself to re-hash all the tragedy and abuse she had endured. She was living the good life now and I just didn’t want to go there. I decided to put my big girl pants on and write it. I didn’t realize how many people really didn’t know Sophia’s story… the outpouring of love is unparraled to this day. Fans and friends like Roni Reilly, called her a hero… and told me that her life was very similar to theirs. I was very fortunate, I had probably the greatest childhood any woman would ever ask for… so I didn’t understand how a little PomChi could have the same life experiences as a human. Then again… she inspired me to build a business around her and her sisters… wow, immediate life lesson. The first blog post I ever wrote… was about her. (read it here) My blogging skills have come a long way.

Rocco and SophiaMy husband on the other hand had the crappiest of childhood’s and actually grew up around mobsters… the movie “Goodfellas” come to mind. So he totally understood, and since we didn’t have children yet, she was spoiled… absolutely rotten.

I’m not sure why God took her from us so soon, but her life, cuteness, boldness, grumpy personality and amazing smile will live with me forever. I am crying a deluge of tears right now over the sadness of her passing but in time I know her inspiration will help guide me and other Pommy Mommies in the right direction. Little Sophia I love you beyond words.