Our little fighter in losing her fight… “Little” Sophia’s last hours

By on December 8, 2014

Today started like everyday here in Vegas, the sun shining, blue skies, temperature just the way I like it… nothing makes you want to be alive more than seeing the mountains breathing the fresh air. The environment just boasts happy life. That’s why I think “Little” Sophia did so well here. Vegas just gives you that zest for life… and you could absolutely see it in “Little” Sophia’s eyes… that zest has continued to fade for the past several weeks… and my “Little” one is losing her fight.

The smallest PomChi with the biggest personality… that’s what everyone says about “Little” Sophia. It’s that big personality and little grumpy attitude made for the cutest and most loving of dog’s. My husband and I kind of saw this coming but just didn’t know when. Sophia is such a fighter that we almost thought she would out live all the Poms… it was a funny and great thought but a lie we kept telling ourselves.

2014-12-08 15.26.29This morning like every morning “Little” Sophia went up to my husband’s office to do some walking and then some napping. She usually naps about an hour or so… but today she was sleeping for 5 hours straight, this “never” happens. We watched her to see if she was breathing … and she was… very slight breaths. I picked her up and she felt more like 10lbs than the 2lbs she is. That’s when we knew she would be leaving us.

Three months ago “Little” Sophia began losing weight on her already tiny 3lb body… and we brought her to the Vet. She went from 3lbs to 2lbs in those 3 months and is just skin and bones. We suspected either organ failure or cancer due to her recent history and visit to the Vet. We decided not to bring her into the Vet because she was so fragile. We have been through 5 Pomeranians passing and have quite a bit of knowledge in signs and symptoms of terminal dogs. The thought of the Vet poking her with needles for blood and x-raying her was more horrifying than her passing. We opted to let her pass at home.

My husband who deals with this stuff much better than I do was in constant communication with our Vet and was able to get liquid pain medication and probiotics so that my little baby could be pain free and restful. Our Vet was in agreement with our decision. Today or tonight “Little” Sophia will be leaving us she is resting in my arms while my husband types this blog post for me.

2014-12-08 15.26.12It’s hard to talk about the most wonderful, quirky, funny little companion that won the hearts of thousands of people while holding her and knowing that she will no longer be here tomorrow. I will miss that little “baby seal” bark, so many nights watching her run around my husbands office like it was her job, taking funny and beautiful photos with her little wardrobe and millions of bows. There will be a big 3lb hole in my heart when it’s time to say good bye.

Little Sophia will be the third of our Pomeranian family to go to the Rainbow bridge in the last three months. I’m not sure what God is preparing us for but he’s giving us more experience in dogs dying than I’m really up for. It is my hope that “Little” Sophia has been an awesome source of inspiration as well as overwhelming entertainment for all her fans. She loves each and everyone of you… because she’s told me so. She asked me to tell you not to grieve but to celebrate the life she was able to lead being the eldest of the Pommy Mommy Pack. Keep my “Little” baby in your prayers.