A Tribute to our Baby Mika… Fly High Angel Girl

By on November 26, 2014

As most of my fellow Pommy Mommys know, I love sharing my life with you as a Pommy Mommy. I have so much fun snapping photos of my fur kids and sharing stories with you. However this story isn’t one that I’ve been looking forward to telling. Our baby Mika was sent to heaven today and my heart is broken in half. A couple of weeks ago she started showing signs that she wasn’t feeling well. The unbelievably energetic Mika, the one who woke up everyday pouncing and running down the stairs… wasn’t pouncing and was having a very hard time walking down the stairs. My husband and I just thought that her age was finally catching up to her. My husband still thinks he’s 25… until he comes back from the boxing gym… and starts walking a little bit slower than usual.

Mika was one of those miracle dogs you hear about. She came from the street, literally… was on “Death Row”, three, that’s right, count them,  three times… and came back. She had 17 teeth pulled, had a botched spay that created a hernia and still she was the happiest Pomeranian you could ever meet. Nothing bothered her. Everyday I came downstairs there she was to greet us to let us know how awesome the day was and how we should treasure it. I don’t want to wake up tomorrow knowing she won’t be there.

image-5We noticed that Mika was losing weight but she was eating everything on her plate… hmmm? She fell down the stairs once and urinated on herself… age or is she sick? She bounced back like there was nothing wrong… ok… tough Pomeranian. Then she started walking slower… wasn’t eating everything on her plate. We called the Vet… now we know somethings really wrong. Blood work revealed that her kidneys were failing… her weight loss, not eating, not drinking and erratic behavior were signs that she was dying… what? Not Baby Mika… she was the toughest of them all. In the days that followed Mika got worse and was just layng around, not her usually hyper self. Her body was giving out and there was nothing else we could do… it was time to take her to the Vet for the last time.

image-11After our Pomeranian Maggie passed away two years ago, my husband and I rescued Mika from a shelter in Las Vegas. I remember walking through the shelter, coming up to a kennel with a bunch of barking Chihuahuas, seeing her tucked away in a very dark corner resting on top of a pile of dirty blankets.  I could barely see her but she was sleeping, shivering and totally bald except for a little lion mane. As I stopped by her kennel I asked the staff person if that was a Pomeranian in the corner… he said “yes, that’s Baby Doll”.  I was shocked because she didn’t look like a Pom from the back. It was so weird, I just stood there… like a magnet was holding me to the fence, trying to get a good look at her. Then all of a sudden she woke up… and opened those big sweet eyes to look at me and say, “Pick me, take me home with you!” She had the eyes of an old soul and I could tell instantly that she was the one that was going to come home with us. I’ll never forget that feeling I had when I saw her for the first time. It was like she was speaking directly to me with those big eyes.

Because Mika came from the street she had a few issues… and those issues kept us from taking her home that day. We came back two days later and held her for the first time and it was like she was ours since she was a pup. She couldn’t stop licking my husband’s face and she hugged me like a human would… it was a little surreal. She was ours and we couldn’t have been more thrilled.

Mikas time at the Pommy Mommy home were the best years of her life. She was a street dog before she was picked up by animal control and brought to Leid, which is a high kill shelter here in Las Vegas. The intake woman at the NSPCA actually knew Mika and snatched her up for the third time. It kills me to think of the life she had before coming into our family.

image-8Some of my favorite memories of Mika were when my husband and I would load up the SUV with the Boys, Mika, the stroller and head down to The Strip (aka Las Vegas Blvd) to people watch. Mika was the best at people watching… and loved meeting new people. She loved everyone… I’m still amazed that she was that friendly after all the abuse she went through. Nothing phased her. We live so close to The  Strip, that this is a regular occurrence enjoyed by everyone involved… especially the tourists! All of our fur kids are very social, typical Las Vegas Celebrities, and they love meeting people… if they could sign autographs they would. Most peopel just ahad to settle for a bunch of licks and kisses. Everyone that met Mika always commented on how beautiful and soft her fur was. In typical Mika style, she just wagged her tail, stuck her tongue out and soaked up all the lovin’. It was awesome to watch.

Even though she didn’t play with toys, Mika still loved to play… she always had a great time playing, pouncing and getting nto trouble with her adopted brothers… you would never know she was five years older. They wrestled, ran, chased and made a fun mess whenever they could. When Luka died that all changed… and a month later we saw changes in Mika’s behavior that we chalked up to grief and aging. Obviously that wasn’t the case.

We adopted Mika, and then 5 days later, Luka and Niko. They became fast friends. (Yes, amazing but true, somehow all five of the Pomeranians got along so well.) Even though Mika had 17 teeth pulled during her time in the shelter, she loved to “play bite”. When I would get down to her level and play with her she would attack me and play bite… which was more like be gummed to death. Haha. Always so gentle and sweet, this hippie chick wouldn’t hurt a fly.

image-14Yep, Mika was a true hippie Pom, she liked to simply hang out, be with her brothers, rest in the Sun or  near the waterfall/fountain or dig in her favorite spots. My husband was forever filling in her holes. When she would figure out that they were filled back in, she looked around and starting digging again. All Rocco could do is laugh and give Mika a hug… for being Mika.  When I wasn’t taking photos of her or dressing her up in feather extensions, or dresses… she was next to me every second of the day. I never saw a more faithful Pomeranian other than Maggie. She always reminded me of Maggie. They could and should have been sisters… just the coolest Pomeranians you could ever have the experience of meeting or hanging out with.

In our front yard we have a Chiminea that my husband loves to sit next to with a roaring fire going… there was Mika right next to us… taking in the conversation and the smell of hickory burning. Everyday that I’m in the kitchen cooking meals or making treats… Mika wasn’t far behind, and I mean right behind me, making sure that “anything” that dropped didn’t stay there. A true “street dog”, never letting anything go to waste.

Although Luka became the Alpha dog in the pack… Mika always felt the need to protect me while I was sleeping by lying in the front of the bed every night.  She woke up before me each and every morning and walked downstairs to let herself outside to go potty through the built in doggy door. She taught herself how to use it before we even moved in our new house.  I always felt like we rescued a piece of heaven when we brought Mika home. She was so smart and independent but was so down to earth… is it wierd to think that a Pomeranian could keep you grounded. One look at her and you just say… “why get upset? Look at Mika.” She was such an amazing girl… and we never gave her the credit she deserved because “Little” Sophia, Niko and Luka took in the spotlight. That’s how Mika was just hanging and loving life, just glad she didn’t have to forage for food and had a nice place to live. I will love this girl for as long as I live. Thank you Mika for allowing me to be part of your life.