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How To Plan for Your New Pomeranian

by pommymommy
your new pomeranian

If you decide to bring a Pommy home, rest assured you won’t regret it. You’ll have a new best friend for life and a furry little bundle of joy to make lots of wonderful memories with. Before the excitement begins, however, it’s a good idea to take some time preparing to welcome your new pomeranian home. There are several things you need to do, purchase and think about.

What To Buy

  • *Collar
  • *ID tags
  • *Leash
  • *Dog food
  • *Food and water dishes
  • *Treats
  • *Crate (Big enough for your Pommy to sit, stand, turn around and lie down in)
  • *Puppy pads (If you plan to use them for house training)
  • *Pet carpet cleaner and other cleaning supplies for when accidents happen
  • *Pet bed (Optional)
  • *Grooming supplies (Brushes, combs, doggie shampoo and conditioner, etc.)
  • *Pet toothbrush and toothpaste
  • *Pet or baby gate (If you plan to keep your Pommy confined to certain areas of the house at first)
  • *Pet toys, blankets, and stuffed animals


your new pomeranian

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The Price Tag

Remember that taking on a Pommy is not only a big responsibility in terms of time and commitment – it’s also a serious financial obligation. Since most Pommies don’t eat very much, they probably won’t run you much in the way of food, but there will certainly be costs associated with adoption, pet supplies, grooming, vet bills, and the general care of your fur baby.

Vet bills are especially important to consider, especially if you have more than one Pommy like so many Pommy Mommies do! They’ll need shots, vaccinations, and check-ups on a yearly basis in addition to any other health issues they may need to be treated for. All of that adds up, so just make sure you can afford to take care of your Pommy before you bring your new pomeranian home.

Prepping the House for Your New Pomeranian

  • Determine what part of the house your Pom will be spending most of their time in and prep that area. (The kitchen usually works best for easy clean up of any house-breaking accidents that might happen).
  • Set up your Pom’s crate, food and water dishes, and any toys or blankets in the area.
  • Pom-proof the designated area by removing anything you don’t want him or her to get their paws (or teeth) on. Make sure electrical wires are up and out of the way, put household chemicals up high or in cabinets and closets, secure pet or baby gates, and move plants, rugs, furniture and breakables to other parts of the house.

Look around the room for anything else you need to change to make the space Pommy-proof before you bring your new pomeranian home. Even things like your window blinds and kitchen chairs might not be safe. I thought my kitchen was entirely puppy-proof until I came

your new pomeranian

Foxy and Bear Bear

home after work one day to find the bottom portion of my blinds had been destroyed and that my two adorable, innocent-looking Pom puppies had spent the better portion of their day chewing on my kitchen chairs! So, look around again and make sure there’s nothing they can get into or chew on while you’re away.

  • Once you get your Pommy home, make sure to show them or take them to the “potty” area, wherever that might be, and show them where their food and water is. Try to establish a bathroom/feeding schedule as soon as possible so your Pommy gets used to a routine.
  • Introduce your Pommy to all members of the family, give them time to get to know their new environment, and above all, have fun with your new bundle of joy!

Peace, Love & Pomeranians,

Pom Mom Jaime Mowers

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