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How Pommy Mommy Influenced OC Pom Rescue

by pommymommy
OC Pom Rescue

It isn’t every day that you find yourself completely covered in fur and dancing paws. Jasmine found herself in that place many times, many years ago when she first welcomed a dog into her home.  Jasmine’s Pomeranian journey began in January 2013, when her daughter, Karley, came home with an unusually puffy sweatshirt on. “What is wrong with your swea-” and a little Pomeranian baby popped her head out of Karley’s hood. “I bought a Pomeranian! Isn’t she so cute?”


Jasmine from OC Pom Rescue Stumbled on Pommy Mommy

OC Pom RescueShortly after that day, Jasmine found herself in a rabbit hole trying to do research on Pomeranians. She even started an Instagram for the new Pomeranian, Missy.  That was where Jasmine stumbled upon Pommy Mommy – she liked one of Missy and Friend’s recent posts! It is on Pommy Mommy’s Instagram that Jasmine began to learn about the Pomeranian breed and about dog rescue. Pommy Mommy was very transparent about her experience fostering.  Jasmine had not heard of the term “rescue” in the way that she thinks of it now, nor had she been aware of the far-reaching influence that puppy mills had on supplying and perpetuating the demand for puppies.

Pommy Mommy’s website further directed Jasmine’s research efforts; her blog pieces, rescue stories, and products opened Jasmine’s eyes to a whole world focused on dogs and their needs. Questions that she did not even know she had were answered through Pommy Mommy’s comprehensive array of informational resources.


So Much to Learn

Jasmine eventually began to volunteer and foster with dog rescues in Southern California, where she had the opportunity to advocate for homeless dogs and work against the puppy mill industry. It was hard at first! Jasmine at one point had to work through the idea that she could not just adopt every dog that she fostered, and that other good homes were out there. Pommy Mommy helped Jasmine ease her way into rescue and she was there to offer advice about fostering. Pommy Mommy explained what puppy mills were, what the difference was between reputable breeders and backyard breeders, and what made a rescue a trustworthy one. There was so much to learn, and Pommy Mommy was readily available for any and all questions.

It is now years later.  Jasmine is currently the President and Co-founder of OC Pom Rescue, a Pomeranian rescue based in Southern California. She has six years of dog rescue and nonprofit management under her belt. It is funny looking back that Jasmine’s entire journey started from a single like on a new Instagram account. She is so grateful for social media and the learning opportunities that have come about because of platforms like Instagram. Pommy Mommy put herself and her story out there for people like Jasmine to learn and, eventually, contribute to responsible dog ownership and dog advocacy. All it took was one person to start a chain reaction towards achieving animal rights!

Thank you Pommy Mommy for sharing your story and knowledge. Adopt, Don’t Shop!


A Little Bit About OC Pom Rescue:

Between the thousands of homeless dogs on any given day in California and the dog retail industry of puppy mills and backyard breeders, dogs are constantly suffering from abuse, neglect, abandonment, and irresponsible ownership. There is no shortage of amazing dogs from shelters, humane societies, or previous owners! Our purpose as a rescue is to give every dog a second chance (or a third or fourth!) in a loving forever home. You can find any type of breed, age, or size rescue dog – it just requires some patience and time!

OC Pom Rescue hopes to make the dog adoption process enjoyable and rewarding for first-time and repeat dog owners alike. We work diligently to match our applicants with the right rescue dogs for their home, lifestyle, and needs. We also strive to promote awareness and education about the Pomeranian breed and its characteristics, needs, and traits.

Through our heavy social media presence and connections with shelters, fellow rescues, and company partnerships, our dogs receive the visibility and networking they require in order to be adopted. Rescue is an ongoing effort that just takes love, patience, and awareness.

Notable Information and ways to get in touch with us:

Instagram: @ocpomrescue

Facebook: @theocpomrescue

Website: www.ocpomrescue.com

Email: ocpomrescue@gmail.com

Mailing Address: 170 East Yorba Linda Blvd, Suite 523, Placentia, CA 92870